Each time a fireplace is used soot collects on the inside of the chimney. An excess build up of soot inside a chimney will eventually cause smoke to backup and flow into your home or, worse still, start a fire inside the chimney. An inexpensive annual sweep by a professional will reduce the risk of these problems ever affecting you.

Mark Hagon Chelmsford Chimney Sweep

Sandra Hagon Essex Chimney Sweep

Our comprehensive service includes:

Open fires, AGAs, Wood Burning stoves swept

Use of the industry’s leading equipment and latest techniques

Thorough safety inspection, sweep and vacuum

Bird nests and blockages remedied

Smoke Draw Test with every sweep

Friendly, helpful and reliable service

Advice on wood quality
Tips and recommendations on maintenance and safety

Spring is an excellent time to get your chimney inspected and cleaned by a chimney sweep. By getting it done at the end of the burning season, your chimney is clean and ready to go when you next want to use it.

By booking Chelmer Chimney Services early, during the spring and summer months, you avoid having the wait in the autumn for me to get to you, especially when you are anxious to build your first fire in the winter months.

Hope to sweep you soon!!


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